Craig cooper. Urban Exotic Dilemma

Craig Cooper:
Urban Exotic Dilemma

19 May - 19 June 2016

Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen

Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen & Marie-Louise Vittrup Andersen

27 July - 7 August

Lea Guldditte Hestelund

Lea Guldditte Hestelund & Birk Bjørlo:

13 August - 25 Sept



Bel Ami at Treignac Projet

Sam Basu, Louise Sartor, Paul Pascal Theriault, Michael Zahn:

Aug 17 - Sept 11 2016


Collectif mmmmm - adrian fisher & luna montenegro: flexible thoughts

28 August

Cheapest Univerity

Cheapest University

15 - 23 August

Jaana Laakonen

Jaana Laakkonen:
Sharing a Room, a Water Bottle and Who Knows What!

12 Sept - 4 October


matt bryans

Matt Bryans with Vanya Bryans

1 avril - 6mai  EXTENDED until 9 July

Diann Bauer
with Sophie Calle
& Octavia E Butler:

3 June - 9 July


Daniel Vorthuys

Daniel Vorthuys
with Joshua Voorthuis
Squirting Wound writing residency with Rib, Rotterdam

11 - 22 june


Summer Room

Summer Room:

Michael Zahn

2017 - 2018


Liz Murray

New Space Treignac
Liz Murray

Andreas Walden

A Hole in the Grey Curtain

Ida Applebroog, Liam Sprod, Linda Reif, Chrystèle Lerisse, Laura Põld, Andreas Waldén

5 May - 16 June

Micha Zweifel

Micha Zweifel

Ineinander und nacheinander

8 June - 4 August

betweenness 2018 Georgia

Inconsolable: Tbilisi

Mi Park, Anna Rowson, Liz Murray, Sam Basu

1 - 12 April

Documentary Strategies

Summer Room
Writing Residency
Filipa Ramos, Max Grau, Adam Stamp, Mona Varichon, Liam Sprod, Sabrina Tarasoff

June 30 - July13

How To Become A Lesbian

How to Become a Lesbian writing & reading workshop Hélène Baril, Mélanie Blaison, Maxime Bichon, Madison Bycroft, Rona Lorimer, Claire Finch, Julie Sas, sabrina soyer, Sophie T.Lvoff
June 26 - July 1

louise Sartor

Louise Sartor
Special residence


summer room 2018

Summer Room

Torbjörn Vejvi

2018 - 2019

7 in the afternoon

Adrien Genty, Frieder Haller, Natalia Rolon,
Liv Schulman
Marion Vasseur Raluy

20 - 28 July

Ernesto's ghost Charlotte Houette

Waiting to Speak

Jean Gilbert, Charlotte Houette, Emma Holmes, Matt Bryans, Sam_liz avec Kelwin Palmer, Liz Murray, Anna Rowson,
Francis Uprichard,
Cenk Dereli

1 July - 4 August

benjamin swaim

Benjamin Swaim
August 23 – September 30

sean smuda

Universal Capital
Sean Smuda

Performance with Davu Seru and Nathan Hanson

5 - 9 August


instagram Residency

Instagram Residency

Play and LearnArchive

Agnès Nouaille avec Play&Learn